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mula yoga

inhale nature, root to the present, and flow

welcome to mula yoga!

Hello! Nice to see you here! My name is Maria and I am the soul behind mula yoga. I love teaching yoga because this is the time people are taking to work on their bodies and their minds. And of course, I love it when the students share with me how much better they feel after practice! I invite you to have a look at my site and contact me if you need to know more. I hope you find here what you are looking for. Namasté, -Maria.

why practice at mula yoga?

precious time for yourself

I am very aware of how precious time is. That’s why I’m so glad you decided to take time for yourself. I will make every second worth it and I assure you, you will leave feeling better than when you came.

it adapts to your needs

Even if I plan every class beforehand, I ask at the beginning of it how everyone is feeling to be able to adapt and to give you personal tips according to your physical and emotional needs, also in group practices.

cues in six languages

Most of the classes at Mula Yoga are in English but I am also fluent in German, Spanish, French, Italian and Catalan. So please communicate with me in the language you feel more comfortable.

learn more about my classes!


 If you are pregnant, these classes are for you, either if you have practiced yoga before or not. This is the yoga practice that prepares your body and your mind for labor and childbirth, being also the kind of break you need in your everyday life to connect to yourself, to mindfully notice the changes you are going through and to start bonding with your baby.


Your body has amazingly performed during pregnancy and labor and now it is time for you to help it recover. It’s not about the shape or the weight, but about rebuilding a healthy and strong pelvic floor that can hold your organs and about allowing your abdominal muscles to smoothly get back together. This practice takes place with and without your baby.


As a yoga teacher I am specialized in three styles of yoga called Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga and Hatha. As a yoga practitioner I love flowing on my mat with a purpose but no expectations, and I always leave the mat feeling better than ever, which is also the purpose of all my yoga classes. Let me bring joy to your body and peace to your mind!

SUP Yoga

Sundays 8:30-10:00
Lake Thun

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SUP Yoga

Wednesdays 19:30-21:00
Lake Thun

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Vinyasa Flow

Wednesdays  18:00 – 19:00
Nira Alpina

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