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prenatal yoga

so… why practice prenatal yoga?

Giving birth is a physical event that resets so much in one’s mind. I believe that moving and breathing should enter (or stay in) your daily routine during pregnancy since this is what you will need the most during labor and childbirth. Training your mind, learning to surrender, and practicing to let go will serve you during pregnancy, labor, childbirth and parenting, meaning these are skills you need for the rest of your life. And yoga is training for both your mind and your body.

Prenatal yoga classes at mula yoga are a mix of asanas (yoga poses) and flows combined with breathing and meditation exercises, which help you (re-)connect with your body and your baby, ease pregnancy symptoms, create a state of mind you can come back to during labor, strengthen your legs, arms and back, increase your flexibility, both physical and mental, and learn to trust your body as well as your instincts. I want yoga practice during pregnancy to result in the most natural and mindful childbirth.

I would also love to give you tools to awaken your intuitive wisdom, so that you can override and reverse negative and fear-based advice you may get. Furthermore, yoga teaches you to let go of the thinking mind and to surrender to your mammalian brain. I wish every woman could have the pregnancy and birthing experience she envisions, but I know it is more realistic to wish every woman had the tools to create the conditions that will give her the best chances to actually experience what she envisions.
On a more practical level, I encourage you to start prenatal yoga because it might be the only time of the day you are taking time for yourself, to stop and ground, and to bond with your baby.

Welcome to this life-changing adventure called motherhood! I would love to go on this path with you for a while.

stay fit

 You probably have already heard that labor is physically intense. One of the reasons for practicing yoga during pregnancy is to stay fit with totally safe and adapted exercises. Yoga helps you strengthen your muscles and gain flexibility, and the breathing techniques will prepare you to endure labor.

trust your body

Our bodies are perfect and totally prepared to give birth. After pregnancy has been medicalised for so long now, we tend to get on our ways during pregnancy and labor, thinking or feeling we are not capable of bringing our baby to the other side of the skin by ourselves. Practicing yoga will empower you.

connect with your baby

 If you are expecting your first child, you might not know how to start bonding with the baby you’re carrying. If not, you may not find time for that. Both totally normal. A yoga practice provides you space to be aware of the wonder inside you and gives you tools to start connecting with the baby.

why practice at mula yoga?

themed classes

At mula yoga the classes are very varied. You will have a different focus in every practice, like opening your hips in preparation for childbirth, letting go of fears, easing specific pregnancy symptoms, celebrating and awakening the feminine energy, or even strengthening your muscles and working on endurance.

pelvic floor

Do you know where your pelvic floor is? Do you know its muscles and how they work? I made it one of my life purposes to bring awareness to this part of the body because I strongly believe that a healthy, as well as strong and flexible, pelvic floor holds us through life, both in a physical and an emotional way. „Mula“ means „root“ in Sanskrit and our root chakra is the one located in our pelvic floor. 


From learning to change your mindset through visualizations to practicing letting your thoughts pass by, meditation is a valuable tool to train your mind. At mula yoga I like to give you a wide variety of meditations so that you can see what works best for you, and what could work for you during labor.


During pregnancy and labor, breathing is not only providing all these cells with new oxygen. The right techniques and breathing focused and purposefully will help you relax, cope with the different phases of labor and could even help you have a painless delivery.

online classes

I believe it is very healthy for an expecting mom to take time for herself everyday to connect to herself, to bond with her baby and to experience pregnancy mindfully. The weekly schedule might make it hard but taking prenatal yoga online is a wonderful solution, to practice live from the comfort of your home.

Individual Classes

45-75 minutes

1-2 people (Of your choice)

As often as you want

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Group Classes

60 minutes

2-5 people

Twice a week

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group classes

Group classes allow you to take alle the benefits of a prenatal yoga practice, adapted to the size of your belly, plus allow you to feel the group energy and sisterhood, and easily meet other moms, you can share your journey with and that can feel you. This practice takes place in the shala and outdoors.

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private classes

Do you want to practice in intimacy without giving up the alignments and adjustments? Would you like me to practice yoga as preparation for childbirth with your partner? Are you dealing with a specific pregnancy symptom? Are you worried or scared about labor? I can help you with that! Get in touch and I will prepare the most suitable practice for you. Private classes can take place online or anywhere you can imagine.

45 – 90 minutes

1 – 2 People (Of your choice)

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hear it from our students:

I’m loving my Yoga classes with Maria. Not only do I leave every class with a new recommendation or information I didn’t know, but I also find the group very supportive. Maria is an amazing teacher and human being. She has a lot of wisdom and you can tell that she knows what she does, but she also definitely loves it.

Anna Keller

Prenatal Yoga Student

It was delightful to take prenatal yoga classes with Maria. I loved stopping my busy life and taking time to contemplate my baby, our health, the reverence and the feelings of gratefulness. Prenatal yoga helped me to be more peaceful and trust my body! It also helped ease my hip pain. Maria is a beautiful woman inside and out. She is definitely aware and present and she is so insightful in so many different areas of this world of pregnancy and babies. I definitely recommend her classes to be more educated and knowledgeable about birth.

Laura Suter

Prenatal yoga Student

“I love the prenatal yoga classes! Maria has helped me so much at an emotional level and I have learned a lot about pregnancy, labor and about my pelvic floor. I’ve not only found great yoga techniques, but also excellent advice and tips. Maria is very sweet, kind and lovely!

Gabrielle Toussaint

Prenatal yoga Student

some frequently asked questions:

When can I start practicing Prenatal Yoga?

Whenever you want! If you practice yoga regularly and you are not dealing with pregnancy symptoms, you might want to keep your yoga practice as it is until you start showing. As a general rule, you can join me for a Prenatal Yoga practice from the moment you feel you want to start getting ready for labor and childbirth (physically and mentally), if you are scared or anxious, if you want to take time for yourself and for your baby, or if you just want to feel better.

How often should I practice?

As often as you want! I would recommend at least one full practice a week, and about 15 minutes every day.

Which materials do I need?

You need comfortable clothing, a yoga mat, a blanket and to be ready to feel better when you leave the room.

Do I need Medical Clearance before starting?

I will just ask you to confirm that your doctor or midwife hasn’t discouraged you or banned you from doing physical activity during pregnancy.

Which pregnancy symptoms should I communicate to you?

All of them! Not only so that I can help you ease them but also for me to know if you are able to join the practice or if you should clarify them with your doctor or midwife first.

Ask me anything!