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postnatal yoga

so… why start practicing postnatal yoga?

Congratulations mama! Giving birth to your little one has been for sure a major event in your life. The days and weeks after that have probably been an exciting concatenation of first times and a rollercoaster of emotions. I feel you. You might have been busy getting into your new role, taming the chaos or lowering expectations. Or maybe you have been just enjoying motherhood to the fullest. Either way you have been doing a great job. 

It doesn’t matter what stage you are on right now: it is never wrong to take time to nurture your body and your mind. Finding the time is a challenge, though, I know. As a mom of two, the only piece of advice I can give you is to surrender to the new situation and to flow. As a yoga teacher I’ll recommend you to make a fixed appointment every week where you take a little time to move your body, to meditate, to take a bath or whatever makes you feel good. You deserve it.

Postnatal yoga at mula yoga takes many forms. The classes can take place with or without your baby, indoors, outdoors or online. The goal remains always the same: rebuild a healthy and strong pelvic floor and find your new balance, giving you tools to slow down, to find your energy and to allow all kinds of emotions to transit through your body and your mind.

Any caregiver needs to take care of herself in the first place, to be able to care for others.

Take a break

Taking care of a baby 24/7 is beautiful and also exhausting. During the first months you might be super tired but you might refuse to take any kind of help that involves separation from your baby. And that’s right. It’s also right to need a break. A postnatal yoga class can be an excellent way to take a little time for you and to tank new energy. Practicing yoga will empower you and bring balance to your body and your mind.

reconnect with your body

Easier said than done! You already know that your body after pregnancy is not the same it used to be. It will probably never be and that’s ok. However it might take time to be able to accept this fact and to learn to connect with your new body. Let me help you recall how divine your body is and give you tools to honor it. Motherhood is a metamorphosis in many aspects.

Restore your pelvic floor

Once your baby is here, restoring your pelvic floor won’t seem urgent. And generally it’s not urgent but I recommend you not to completely forget about it. Take the time you need and then start Postnatal Yoga or visit a physiotherapist. Restore your pelvic floor with someone qualified for it, because there is no point doing pelvic floor muscle exercises if you are not doing them correctly. You are doing your future self a favor!

why practice at mula yoga?

themed classes

At Mula Yoga the classes are very varied. Even if we work on the pelvic floor in each class, it can get different approaches and I combine it with other focusses like strengthening your back or easing pain. I connect the practice with motherhood issues as well as with astrological events, which will give you parenting tips and tricks.

pelvic floor

Do you know where your pelvic floor is? Do you know its muscles and how they work? I made it one of my life purposes to bring awareness to this part of the body because I strongly believe that a healthy, as well as strong and flexible, pelvic floor holds us through life, both in a physical and an emotional way. „Mula“ means „root“ in Sanskrit and our root chakra is the one located in our pelvic floor.


From learning to change your mindset through visualisations to practicing letting your thoughts pass by, meditation is a valuable tool to train your mind. At mula yoga I like to give you a wide variety of meditations and breathing techniques so that you can see what works best for you, and what could help you stay centered in your everyday mom life.

online classes

I feel you. Postpartum can feel overwhelming. I celebrate that you are taking time for yourself and to help your body recover from birth! Online postnatal yoga is a wonderful solution, to practice live from the comfort of your home.

Individual Classes

45-75 minutes

1-2 people (Of your choice)

As often as you want

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Group Classes

60 minutes

2-5 people

Twice a week

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group classes

Group classes allow you to take all the benefits of a postnatal yoga practice, plus allow you to feel the group energy and sisterhood, and easily meet other moms, you can share your journey with and that can feel you.

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private classes

Do you want to practice in intimacy without giving up the alignments and adjustments? Would you like me to practice yoga as preparation for childbirth with your partner? Are you dealing with a specific pregnancy symptom? Are you worried or scared about labor? I can help you with that! Get in touch and I will prepare the most suitable practice for you. Private classes can take place online or anywhere you can imagine.

45 – 90 minutes

1 – 2 People (Of your choice)

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hear it from our students:

I had postnatal yoga with Maria online. It was so practical for me to just switch on and off and not having to go around with such a small human being during wintertime. I am so glad I took this course because I felt a great improvement in my pelvic floor muscles. I recommend it!

Lisa Lackenbauer

Postnatal Yoga Student

Maria has so many tips for your first months as a mom! I had a couple of private postnatal yoga classes with her and I loved it! I wish I had taken prenatal yoga classes too because I didn’t know much about my pelvic floor. A highlight for me were the meditations at the end of every yoga class.

Carolina S.

Postnatal Yoga Student

I recommend listening to your body and when it feels right start postnatal yoga with Maria. She helped me cope with my new body and she also helped at an emotional level, without her knowing. Postpartum was not easy for me, but moving my body was the best I could do. Maria was always very empathic and very sweet.

Marta G.

Postnatal Yoga Student

some frequently asked questions:

When can I start practicing Postnatal Yoga?

Even if you might feel ready to start moving right after giving birth, I think it is important that you use the quarantine to be with your baby and to get to know each other. I think 6 weeks after birth is a good moment to start. On the other hand, you can take a postnatal course even years after having given birth.

What is the difference between postnatal yoga with or without the baby?

Basically the only difference is that your baby lays on a blanket on the top of your mat or she stays with someone of your trust. Postnatal yoga is a practice for you, mama! Your baby can be there in a mama baby yoga class but the practice is for you and for your body.

How often should I practice?

As often as you want! I would recommend at least one full practice a week, and about 15 minutes every day.

Which materials do I need?

You need comfortable clothing, a yoga mat, a blanket and to be ready to feel better when you leave the room.

Do I need Medical Clearance before starting?

I will just ask you to confirm that your doctor or midwife hasn’t discouraged you or banned you from doing physical activity after giving birth.

Which post-pregnancy symptoms should I communicate to you?

All of them! Not only so that I can help you ease them but also for me to know if you are able to join the practice or if you should clarify them with your doctor first.

Ask me anything!