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yoga classes

why start practicing yoga?

If you are reading this, you probably already experienced this first downward-facing dog. Or maybe you are craving to reconnect with yourself. You might just have heard about some of the benefits of yoga and want to give it a try. Well, I don’t think there are wrong motivations to start practicing yoga and I would like to encourage you to begin off today. Yoga is not about standing on your hands, nor is it about folding your body in half. Yoga is not about chanting mantras all the time either. Yoga is a way of living, and physical practice is the part of it which keeps your body fit and aligned with your mind and soul. Be good, do good, and that’s it!

In other words, you can/should start practicing yoga if you want to get stronger, more flexible, more balanced, get more control over your body and your thoughts, feed your mind with fresh oxygen, allow yourself to take a break from your everyday life, reduce stress or practice living in the present moment. Or even all of the above!.  You might not know what you want to change, but you know you want to feel better. Yoga is for everybody. Yoga at mula yoga is also for every body.


Multitasking seems to be the skill of the century. But when was the last time you put all your senses in an action or thought? Yoga helps you focus and teaches you how to focus, which can come handy when you are feeling stressed or lost.


Standing on one leg or feeling at ease? Yoga can help you with both and I can guide you. You will be amazed to feel how being balanced in your mind brings stability to your body and how practicing physical balance brings stillness to your mind.


If I am flexible, I can adapt quickly, cope effortlessly with new situations and solve problems easily. This skill makes me feel free in a world full of rules. And having flexible muscles and joints does not only give you freedom of movement, but it also feels great!


Do you like spicy food? You can see challenges either as troubles or as the spices in life. I stick to the second option! I am a strong believer that you can train yourself to enjoy spicy food.

why practice at mula?


As a passionate astrology student, I love to connect the situation of the planets with my yoga practice. Sometimes we feel strange and have no clue what’s wrong, right? Knowing which shifts are happening in the universe, gives us the tools to stop resisting the changes, to let the energy flow and we start feeling better.

themed classes

At Mula Yoga, the classes are very varied. You will have a different focus in every practice: a particular part of the body, a specific asana, an intention for your mind, or even a personal (and personalized) challenge.


While traveling I’ve listened to lots of tales and legends from different cultures. I love them because they introduce teachings in a very visual way. At Mula yoga, these colorful stories enrich and ease the beginnings of some meditations or even bring a genuine flavor to the class.

online classes

 If you are tight on time or if you want to practice live from the comfort of your home, the online yoga classes are for you. The online yoga practices are in smaller groups or private via zoom. The online group classes can feel like private since you don’t see the other students on your screen.

Short Classes

30 minutes

3-8 people

Once a week

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Group Classes

60-90 minutes

3-8 people

Once a week

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Individual Classes

30-120 minutes

1-3 people (Of your choice)

As often as you want

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group classes

The group classes can take place in the shala or outdoors. In a group class you will not only receive the alignments and adjustments seeing and listening to me, but also in a kinesthetic way. Another plus of this kind of practice is the group energy that arises and the opportunity to meet like-minded people.

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private classes

Do you want to learn a specific asana? Do you want to work on a part of your body? Or maybe you want to practice in intimacy without giving up the alignments and adjustments? Get in touch and I will prepare the most suitable practice for you! Private classes can take place online or anywhere you can imagine.

30 – 120 minutes
1 to 3 people (Of your choice)

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hear it from our students:

Maria is a wonderful yoga teacher and such a lovely person! I met her a couple of years ago in a yoga class and I immediately loved her. Her classes are diversified, authentic, full of positive energy and love and at the same time very instructive. I highly recommend to anyone who is interested in yoga to get to know this beautiful human! Thank you, Maria!

Virgina Torres

Hatha Student

What I like from Maria’s classes is how varied they can be. She is able to combine very slow and gentle postures with the most challenging and dynamic flows. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi, her classes will add a special touch to your practice.

Michael Lang

Vinyasa Flow Student

Maria has a great talent in bringing her own personality naturally into the class, which makes her classes so special. I was not much into meditation but her introduction to it with the stories she tells makes me so comfortable that everything flows easily. Whenever I leave the class I feel happy, energized and calm, all at the same time. And that’s a gift!

Diana Albrecht

Vinyasa Flow Student

some frequently asked questions:

Do I need a special body condition or any fitness level?

No. I give options so that you can adapt the practice to your fitness level. The only condition is that you are not banned from doing physical activity by your doctor.

Which materials do I need?

You need comfortable clothing, a yoga mat and to be ready to feel better when you leave the room.

How often should I practice yoga?

As often as you want! I would recommend you to start practicing at least once or twice a week. As soon as you start feeling the benefits of yoga, it won’t be an effort to practice even more often.

Do I have to register or can I just come by?

Yes, you have to register before attending the class. Contact me!

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